Olina Vizsla Puppies

So You Think You Want a Puppy?

...but the real question is: are you a good match for a Vizsla and are you willing to wait for the right puppy?  Any breeder worth salt is going to ask you MANY questions ranging from why you want a Vizsla, to what your typical day looks like, to what hobbies you engage in. If you live in the city, work a 9-5, go to the gym and play video games during your down time, this is not the breed for you. 

I spend a tremendous amount of time planning the very few litters (typically less than one per year) that I produce and raising the puppies to fulfill their maximum potential. I am looking for puppy homes that want to become part of my extended dog family- meaning we will become friends, we will train together, we will run our dogs together, you will solicit and heed my advice...I want you to be inquisitive and strive to provide a great life, full of stimulation and EXERCISE for your Vizsla. I want you to look forward to opportunities to train your dog on birds- even though you don't hunt- just because your dog is SO happy to do it. I want to place puppies in homes that look forward to trying new activities, like Barn Hunt or sheep herding, but above all else, respect the dog's need for exercise and bend over backwards to provide such by seeking out safe places where you can provide your dog with the off leash exercise that he/she needs to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit. If this sounds like it could be you, I would love to chat more!

If you are curious about the Puppy Culture Program and what it means, see the information provided in the "Why Puppy Culture" segment below. The first 12 weeks of your puppy's life are critically important in shaping your puppy's perception of the world and overall temperament. Puppies raised with the Puppy Culture program are given early training and stimulation to help them grow into the best dogs that they can possibly be! 

Why Puppy Culture?

Please read the following article before inquiring about a puppy: 


Are you willing to:

1. Take your puppy to a puppy socialization class and complete training through canine good citizen (CGC)?

2. Delay spay/neuter until 2 years of age minimum?

3. Purchase puppy health insurance?

4. Provide daily off leash exercise outside of the backyard for your dog?

5. Crate train your dog?

6. Follow DVM Jean Dodds' limited vaccine protocol?

7. Fill out this questionnaire


(LEFT) Isla and Tux's "fairy" litter displaying their aptitude for learning as they are introduced to mini agility equipment and new people at a puppy party. 

All puppies are classically conditioned to the clicker and operant by the time they go to their new homes, meaning they understand that offering a behavior earns them a reward marked by a click, which ALWAYS means that a treat is coming. Dogs take very well to the clicker, but humans sometimes need some practice to get it right! I expect that my puppy homes will enroll in a positive reinforcement class to continue building upon these training fundaments. 

LEFT: This clip offers a brief explanation of what Puppy Culture is all about. 

BELOW: Early neurological stimulation was developed by the US military to improve the performance of their working dogs. These techniques are used on puppies from 3 - 16 days of age. For a full article on ENS, see: Breeding Better Dogs

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