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I created this page to celebrate my dogs, puppy homes, and discover other like-minded individuals who share my values and lifestyle. The community that these dogs have introduced me to is a wonderful place; many of the folks that I have met through the dog world have become like a second family to me. 

I selected the Hawaiian word 'olina, meaning joy, as my kennel name because these dogs are a source of constant joy in my life. As therapy dogs, Polly and Isla have had the opportunity to spread joy into the lives of many others as well. We lived on O'ahu for several years. Isla's first litter was whelped there. Although Hawaii is unrelated to the origin of the Vizsla, it is the most dog friendly place that I have ever lived and very conducive to living the lifestyle that best suits the breed. 

Although Olina Vizslas began in Hawaii, where several of Isla's puppies still reside, we are currently located in Lakeland, Florida (between Tampa and Orlando), but will be relocating to Kansas City, MO in the Fall (2024)

 I have intentionally selected photos that show the type of lifestyle that I lead with my dogs. I breed very infrequently and selectively. My dogs are my pets first and foremost. They live with me in my home, sleep on my bed and go on vacation with me whenever possible. I only keep three dogs so that I can give each dog the love, attention and training that they require. I do not place my adults when they are done being bred. My puppies go home with the expectation that their families will keep in close touch with me and continue to visit and participate in activities throughout the dog's lifetime. My dogs are avid hikers...you will notice that we are constantly on the move, constantly traveling and experiencing the world together and I expect no less from the homes that seek my puppies.

My Home Dogs


Pollyanna Rose RN SWN SIA CGC

7.12.2009 - 5.27.2023

Polly was my first Vizsla; she introduced me to the world of competitive dog sports.  Polly certified as a therapy dog with Delta (now Pet Partners) and the Red Cross' Human Animal Bond Program and spent years volunteering in FL, TX and HI. At almost 10 years old, Polly still enjoys putting on miles hiking trails with me near my home. 


GCH Regal Point Dauntless Daredevil RN JH SCN SIN CGC ROM

12.6.2010 - 2.23.2024

Isla was bred by Debbie Sullivan in Orange TX; she is the foundation bitch of Olina. She is laid back, affectionate and LOVES to hunt.  She was certified as a therapy dog through the Red Cross' Human Animal Bond Program. She had three beautiful litters and is now spayed and lives at home with me. 


CH Olina Spirit of the Isles RN JH NA NAJ SCN SIN SBN


Hani is the puppy I kept from Isla's first litter (x Riker). He was born on O'ahu. He's very velcro, wiggly, energetic and mischievous. He's a fun dog with a strong desire to please. Hani was the first dog I ever exhibited at Nationals ('16), where he won the 6-9 month puppy sweeps class and placed second in futurity. He earned his junior hunter title with four straight passes.

What We Value


The AKC mandates that Vizslas have a hip and elbow dysplasia examination and eyes examination performed by a boarded ACVO ophthalmologist. The VCA also recommends having a cardiac evaluation and autoimmune thyroiditis check. I have all five items checked/cleared; this can be verified at the orthopedic foundation for animals website.


A Vizsla should be cheerful, adaptable, curious, and even keel. I strive to preserve this temperament in my breeding program. I use Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Protocols, which emphasizes early exposure and training, to help grow the puppies into the best adventure-seeking dogs that they can be.


Building a dog whose ability to exercise closely matches their desire to do so is of the utmost importance. Vizslas have a significant drive to run and hunt. My dogs aren't just from champion bloodlines, they ARE champions, meaning that they conform to the AKC standard..just as their parents and grandparents and so on. 


Having a passion for this breed, a strong desire to fulfill the energy requirements of your dog, and wanting to see your dog utilize its assets to the best of its ability unite us. I am a member of the Vizsla Club of America (VCA) and the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club (TBVC). I strive to keep in close touch with the Olina Vizsla family.

Holistic Lifestyle

With the prevalence of cancer in the canine community, it is incredibly important to take measures to keep our dogs healthy and safe; I encourage feeding a raw diet, finding a holistic Veterenarian, never using pesticides (on your lawn OR on your dog), and following DVM Jean Dodds' limited vaccine protocol.


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Lakeland, FL  


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