The Wonder Dog

CHIC: 171274
Hips: VZ-17347E33M-C-VPI Excellent
Elbows: VZ-EL3988M33-C-VPI Normal
Thyroid: VZ-TH2515/33M-VPI Normal
Eyes: VZ-EYE1748/33M-VPI Normal

Bancroft was the sole male in his litter and the one and only male we got out of his dam Charlie (she only had one litter). It was tough for me to let him go, but he couldn't have found a better home! I am so happy that his family joined ours. Bancroft is an exceptional dog that was placed in a spectacular home, where he has been given the opportunity to develop his natural talents and really shine! Below is a write-up form his human mom/owner, Angie:

Bancroft was born near Annapolis Maryland and Colleen, at the time, was still in the Navy and had graduated from the US Naval Academy.  His litter was the "Naptown Midhounds" (Marek x Charlie) and all the names came from Hall's on the Academy.  Bancroft Hall is the largest and most majestic building I had ever seen and knew I needed to keep the name for this beautiful boy.  Also now fitting as my daughter is a doctor in the Navy.

As all my kids had just left the house, we began to explore training and events...well from our first title in Barn Hunt we were hooked!  Bancroft is very athletic, sweet, fun and a quick learner as he loves to please. Bancroft has taught me to live in the moment, enjoy life, and try even if you fail at first; progress not perfection as he is up for every new adventure. He has excelled in most sports,(dock diving we are still working on): lure coursing, scent work, hunting, agility and conformation and I cannot wait for what is next! Not to be fooled he is very vocal and sings and talks to us all the time especially when he finds dirty socks his favorite!

Of all the performance events we do Bancroft loves to be outdoors with birds and chasing plastic bags (FAST CAT, CAT), his prey drive is incredible.  I love to see him light up in the field and I swear he is smiling! I had never
done any events before Bancroft so he just makes my job easy, feel confident and we are having so much fun.  We have met so many amazing people and pups from all over the US! I am forever grateful to have this amazing "as my kids
say 4th child" in my life! 

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